Saturday, 11 January 2014

The Importance of Cuckolding

I’m posting this in response to a question I had recently from a woman who was tempted to start cuckolding her husband (on his request) but wasn't quite sure how to handle it.

Cuckolding is often seen from the outside as simply a casual sex opportunity, but to truly enjoy it as a
lifestyle, couples need to explore the mental and emotional aspects of enabling other males to have a sexual role in the marriage.Cuckolding is a very deep and intense expression of love. Cuckolding takes the foundation of a stable, loving marriage and extends it to include another male in a sexual role within the relationship.

When the love & companionship components of your relationship are fully satisfying, but the sexual component isn’t, it makes little sense to give up a great relationship simply to enjoy better sex. It also makes little sense to give up enjoying a fulfilling sexual experience when you have the foundation needed to have it all. In most relationships it actually is the male partner that will bring up cuckolding. Why would you ignore something that will satisfy his deepest needs and satisfy your sexual needs at the same time?

This seems counter-intuitive, but when a couple can capitalize on something that divides most couples, they become much stronger. For many couples, both partners seek an experience (for him to be cuckolded, for her to be sexually satisfied) they can’t find between the two of them. It could be that your husband/boyfriend has a small penis, lacks stamina or is simply not the assertive personality you fantasize about giving yourself to. Cuckolding allows you as a couple to experience greater sexual satisfaction while still enjoying the other aspects of your relationship. If you think about it, it’s much easier to find someone sexually compatible than someone compatible to share your life with, making this dynamic a natural fit for many couples who want their love and their sex to be fulfilling.

There’s an incredible amount of trust that is involved in cuckolding and more than that, for all that it would seem that the husband involved is submissive, it takes an incredible amount of self-security to watch another man do intimate things with your wife so don't think less of your guy for bringing this up!

An added bonus is that you will most likely get out more often as you'll be dating again which. apart from a lot of excitement, gives you a great opportunity for shopping for new sexy cloths and lingerie. Your husband/boyfriend will love taking you shopping for that pair of high heels, that slim dress or that sexy lingerie set, especially when you make it clear it's not him you are buying it for ;-)

We've introduced cuckolding to our relationship a few years back and it has enhanced our sex life in a multitude of ways. I've never regretted the decision once so far. Let your inner sexiness out and give it a try. 

A good suggestion to get started for those with cold feet is by finding a guy on the internet and after chatting for a few days, invite him for dinner at your place or at a restaurant if a public place is more comfortable for you (you could combine this with the role play ideas I posted a few days back: link). Be openly flirtatious and intimate with him with your boyfriend/husband present. I suggest you give your hubby small tasks to perform while you entertain your lover to be.

This isn’t just to keep him busy, but to demonstrate that you are the one in control when your lover is present. Have your
boyfriend/husband get drinks or hang up your (and your lover's) coat, for example. When he returns, he should find you snuggled up to your lover on the couch (your hands playfully stroking the bulge of your boyfriend’s cock?). After this point it will be up to you if you want to continue and if this will be with your partner present or if you send him out of the house. If he isn't around (which might be more comfortable for you the first few times), you will have all the more fun telling him all the dirty details once he arrives back home!

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