Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Role play idea's

Some nice things to spice up your sex life and keep him (and you) interested!

Just having a chat..
Wear something sexy, preferably a skirt with stockings and no panties, and get yourself comfortable behind your computer (or laptop). Find a decent chat site and hang about a bit until you meet someone you like talking to. Once engaged in a friendly conversation (it doesnt have to be more then that) call your hubby and ask him to get your a glass of wine.

When he comes make sure he sees you are not wearing panties and have the chat window open. If he asks what you are doing keep it simple and reply with "Oh, just having a chat". If he asks who you are talking to reply with "Just some guy". Dont give any more details then that!

Polity ask him to go away because a girl needs some privacy ;-) ake sure to ask him to close the door behind him. Stay there for another hour or so and even maybe ask for a refill :p Let his fantasy do the rest and let him lick you to orgasm after you are done!

Some good Dutch chat sites are:

Going out to play
When you go hang out with girlfriends give it some extra effort and dress up extra sexy and plainly ask him if he thinks you look the part. Mention you imagine you'll get a lot of attention tonight and smile deviously. Make sure to let him know indirectly that you're going hunting for attention.

Afterwards when you come back you can tease him (during sex or otherwise just because you can) with all the guys you danced with (even if you didnt) and how you could feel their big cocks trough their pants and their hands feeling you up. Tell him that one of them (a handsome black guy) asked you to go home with him for an after party but you didn't because you were tired or because you didn't want to leave your friend alone. You could drop that he did give you his phone number though.Make all of this sound like it is the most common thing in the world.

The minds' eye
While having sex with your boyfriend tell him not to speak as you are trying to pretend he is someone else. Choose someone from work or a mutual friend for this imaginary lover. Choose positions in which you wont
be able to see him (straddle his face and make him lick you, ride him with your back towards him or ask him to do you doggy style (make sure to slip in a disappointed "is it in yet?"). Make sure to moan the name of your fictional lover ;-)

Afterwards make him clean your pussy and ask him if he likes licking up <insert lovers name>'s cum!

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