Friday, 9 September 2016

Getting ready for a date..

Victoria goes black..

Mike had just spent the last 45 minutes watching his wife of 10 years suck and fuck the handsome black man from the nightclub downtown. In 30 seconds Mike’s head will be in between her legs cleaning her up, for the first time, after the best orgasms of her life. 
This is not how Mike expected the night to go. He had planned a romantic night out with dinner and drinks. She was more then happy to oblige, but insisted that he wear his chastity device and her panties. Reluctantly, he agreed. She texted Reginald that tonight would be the night. 
As Mike watched Reginald lay her down in their marital bed, he couldn’t help but wonder how he could have possibly allowed this to happen. Recounting the night in his head, he saw no opportunity to interfere in the night’s progression. From the second the handsome well dressed black man approached her and began flirting, he was relegated to holding her little black purse and buying drinks. When she told him to wait at the bar while they danced, his stomach got tied up on knots. But never - never did he think the night would end like this. 
It was closing time and she announced that Reginald would be stopping by for a night cap. Mike’s heart sunk. His feeble attempt at objection was quickly silenced by Victoria’s cold glance. Mike looked to the floor, and the night continued as she planned. 
Mortified, Mike could not help but notice his little white was straining in his chastity device. 
“Mike, for the second time, get down here”. Reginald kissed her goodbye as Mike moved closer to
her swollen, used, pussy. She gripped him by the back of the head - firm, but gentle, and slowly pulled him towards her. Mike’s head was still spinning from the events of the night. He paused, but her grip - her will - her desire was stronger. She felt his lips touch her there. Was she really going to make him do this? The question was answered instantly as she forced his face deep into her just fucked pussy. She immediately began grinding his face with the same intensity she fucked Reginald with. 
“lick it Mike! Clean it all up! Taste him…. OHHHHHH I’m cumming. Swallow baby Swallow”
To Mike’s surprise he obeyed. For 5 minutes he was used as a cleanup boy. Victoria came one last time on his face before pushing him away and rolling over to sleep.
Mike was left locked in his chastity device. Stunned at what had just happened, he knew their marriage had changed forever. He was now living in a modern marriage. It was going to be an awkward morning… 

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

How to Properly “Edge” Him

Many Sites on the Internet talk about Ruining a Male Orgasm but Don’t actually Discuss the More Effective/Efficient Enslaving Femdom Art Discussed Here - What Most Ladies Are Much More Interested in I Find, is Routine & Habitual “Edging” (Subjugation) of Their Males Psychologically. That’s Playing with Him, Fondling Him, and Masturbating/Stimulating Him - Right to the “Edge” of Orgasm but NOT Actually Letting Him Cum.
Along with Daily Teasing (Physical & Visual), the Trick in the Beginning While Training His Psyche, is Caging Him. Almost Every day that My Male is wearing the penis cage I’ll remove it and Edge Him, at Least Once, if not Twice … After taking a few short breaks & giving him time to rest and recover I Will Then Stat Up All Over Again. Usually a Sleepy Long Cuddling Session Every Morning (often not Real Edging but Just Holding & Feeling His Rock Solid Hardness Rhythmically Pulse & Throb in my Hand, Before we get out of Bed) and then something a lot moreIntense and Deliberate in the evening (which might be One Edge or Many in a Row!)  Stroke - Edge - DENY - Repeat…
I always use our morning uncagings and hugging as an excuse/opportunity for him to shower and take it with him to wash it. He knows if I catch him playing with himself while in the shower the penis cage will stay on for a Month or More, So He Doesn’t Dare Do It. I’ve Trained Him Very Well, I Have to Say.
And oh yeah, Never Let Your Male go Pee in the Morning, Until it’s Time For Him to get up and Shower. You See, If He Has to Pee - He'll Helplessly & Quite Naturally, Grow Extra Rock Hard in Your Hand while Your Cuddling & Holding Him in the Morning.
The Real Art with “Edging” (And It Is Most Definitely an Art); is to Learn Exactly How to get Him as Close as Possible to an Explosion without Actually Allowing Him to Erupt !!! If you pay Close Attention while you Fondle & Play, You’ll Learn Precisely the Clear Warning Signs of an Imminent Ejaculation. There’s Nothing Quite Like “Edging” For Subliminally Building a Guys Libido & Desire. Not Only Will He CherishYou More Thanks to Neurochemistry, But within a Short Timeframe His Vulnerable / Exploitable Mind Will Be Totally Under Your Feminine Control …
Here are some powerful training tips:
  • Make Him “Always” Tell You - Exactly - How Close He is !!! Kind of obvious, but Insist that he Tells you When to Slow Down & When to Stop. Especially in the Beginning While You’re Learning How To Read His Body Language. Keep talking to Him, Ask Him How it Feels, What is Best. You’ll soon get the FEEL of it {LOL} & He’ll Love You Even More For It…
  • Feel for his body & muscles tensing - Him holding his Breath, Arching his Back or Even Tensing, All Are Signs he’s getting Very Close. Learn to read & understand the Signs and don’t worry if you go over, you’re Learning! Just Be Sure It’s a Libido Building(Subjugating) “Ruined” Orgasm…
  • Move from strong to soft strokes, from his vein filled shaft up to His Tip - Constantly - “Change It Up” - Take your Time and Make Sure You Get Him Ultra Rock Hard for Maximum Dopamine production in his Vulnerable Brain. I Personally Like Lots of lube / oil and fast but not too tight of strokes, and then as he gets closer & closer, move to an looser grip and then focus on his Hyper-Sensitive head and frenulem (the strip underneath the head at the top where Guys are most sensitive). Also Take Breaks Frequently - It’s Better to Stop One second too Early Than One Second Too Late !!!  Stroke - - Edge - - DENY - - Repeat…
  • Make it Ultimately HIS Fault if He Erupts. So Again, if he Does Explode, Make Sure You Properly “Ruin it” ; Stop All Rubbing / Stimulation as Soon as he Starts Climax. OR if he’s tied down, you turn it into a post orgasm torture, After the Ruined Orgasm, Where you use his slippery cum as lube to keep rubbing his hypersensitive Joystick - Scolding Him By Saying, ‘You’re so Naughty, I Didn’t Give You Permission To Cum !!!’
When You DO Want to Enjoy His Pent Up Explosions, Make that Part of the Tease Too. When You’re Planning to Make Him Climax & Erupt, This is a great Time to Also Practice your "Edging" Techniques… Use it as an Opportunity to See Just How Crazy You can Make Him, where you’re not worrying about Accidently Taking Him Over the Edge.
Oh and you can add a Wonderfully Sadistic element with this line, ‘If you can hold on for Just five minutes More My Love, I won’t Ruin It when you Do Cum, Okay Baby?’
A Very Effective Mind Fuck & Programming Tool.

Punishment... A necesarry evil (or delight?)

Although I don’t often administer corporal punishment I certainly feel it has a place in the Female Led Lifestyle that so many women are adopting. While I’ve only delivered two spankings to him in 2016 (so far), I found them to be very satisfying, and more importantly, effective. 
Behaviors that have might result in corporal punishment can run the gamut. There are several reasons that I may deem a spanking necessary.
  • The male disrespecting you or your friends
  • Frequent complaining about your training methods
  • Failure to complete simple household chores to your satisfaction
  • Male attempting to direct sexual encounters in any way
  • Unauthorized orgasms
  • Failure to wear panties
  • And frankly any behavior that you deem lazy or selfish
Surely there are many other reasons that you may choose to spank you man, but ultimately, delivering corporal punishment is a tool you should keep available to you when you feel such severe corrective action is necessary.
Once you’ve decided corporal punishment is imminent I suggest you fully explain to him why he is going to have to endure the punishment you’re about to inflict. After all, if he doesn’t understand why it is happening, how can he correct his behavior in the future? While explaining the situation to him you should be confident and direct. You should be looking down on him, so he should be kneeling or sitting while you stand over him. Stare him in the eyes even if he tries to look away. What you are about to do to him is an act of sheer dominance for you and hopeless submission for him. It should begin and end with you doing the talking while looking down at him from the dominant position. His only response to your words should be “Yes Ma'am” or whatever term of endearment you prefer. 
I have employed two methods of corporal punishment in our relationship. One has him standing with his body facing a wall. The other sees him laying prone over my lap like a child. I felt both were equally effective. After I’ve explained the reasons that have forced me to make this decision, I tell him to strip nude. During the hurried moments before the punishment I am very firm and decisive. Any hesitation on his part will add to the number of spankings. I want it to be very clear to him that the time for discussion has passed. There is no negotiation. It’s important that once the decision has been made, he accepts his fate and complies swiftly. 
Once he is in the proper position as instructed by me I begin the spankings. I’m of the opinion that for most offenses 10 spankings is appropriate. If he resists, or squirms to much, or raises his hands to his buttocks to block the blows, then more spankings will be added at my discretion. 
MY METHOD - Yours may be different
When I begin delivering the spankings, they are hard. I prefer to use my bare hand to ensure I am not doing any real damage, such as breaking skin, but it needs to hurt. Using my bare hand also helps me gauge how hard I am really hitting him. If the palm of my hands don’t begin to sting by the 5th blow, I figure I’m probably going to light. I try to deliver the blows 3-5 seconds apart and in between blows I find myself talking to him in a firm but calm manner. Repeating to him why this was happening and encouraging him to correct whatever behavior prompted this to happen. Example:
“Now baby I’m not going to tolerate you back talking me when I tell you to do something.”
“When I tell you you’re not coming this week, that’s what I mean”
“I wish I didn’t have to do this honey, but you’ve made it necessary”
“Oh come on, take it like a man”
You get the idea. The picture above shows the very obvious result of a good spanking. If my mans ass is not a crimson red after the spanking, then I haven’t done it hard enough and the effectiveness of this exercise may be lost. This young lady has obviously delivered a hard but surely deserved spanking. Her male will clearly not forget it anytime soon and I bet whatever behavior he exhibited to cause this spanking will not be repeated anytime soon. I applaud her for permanently capturing this image that she can use a reminder anytime she feels he is stepping out of line. I think I will do the same on the next occasion I deliver a spanking. 
Aside from the obvious and harmless physical pain I am inflicting on him, I’ve found that these corporal punishment sessions are extremely humbling to the male psyche. It’s as if every blow, every smack, every comment from my mouth, serves to reaffirm my dominance over him and his status as my submissive bitch. You should view each SMACK as a demonstration of your power. When your hand lowers onto his bare ass cheeks the resulting sound and sting will strip him of his male ego and pride a little more each time

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Our journey into male chastity (Part 1)

After months of talking about and threatening to put him in a chastity device, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered our first chastity device. This is something I had wanted for years and only recently had it become a topic of conversation. I became more and more insistent until I finally got to the point where I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I had gradually take more and more control in the bedroom, and eventually wore him down. It was a Friday night and I knew he was expecting sex. I knew this was the night and after a few cocktails I finally pulled out the device that had arrived days earlier. He had accepted that I wasn’t going to drop it and reluctantly agreed to a “trial period, which was fine with me. I wasn’t sure if this was something that we would pursue long term, but I knew it was something we had to try. 
I got a bag of frozen peas out of the refrigerator and held it over his underwear, to his crotch until his penis became flaccid and shrank to a dimension that would fit into our new device. Having watched several video earlier in the week, I went to work. Using a little moisturizing lotion, I had his little cock and balls fully secured by the device. Excitement rushed through my body as I reached for the heart shaped padlock that came with the device. I pushed the lock through the appropriate hole. Before locking it, I looked him in the eyes and immediately recognized the fear in his face. I grinned at him and told him not to worry. This was how things were meant to be. I pressed down on the lock and heard a satisfying *CLICK*. 
I had finally done it! I instantly felt a new level of confidence and power. While my ego and arrogance level shot to once unknown levels, his dropped to an all time low. I knew instantly that a power exchange has just occurred and it felt so right. I patted the device and then gave it a soft tug. It was secure. I was convinced that his imprisoned cock would not get free unless I unlocked it. He was helpless and I was now in total control. This is the way it should have always been! Why had I waited so long. 
I set about reassuring him that “we” had made the right deicision. As the look of despair on his face grew, I began telling him how happy I was with this arrangement. He reminded me that this was only a “test” and I told him it was. He asked me what time we could remove the device and seemed shocked when I suggested that he wear it a week, so that we could get a good feel for it. He seemed astonished, 
“honey, I thought we would just try it for an hour or so to see how we liked it”
I replied … “Don’t be silly honey. We can’t get any idea of how we like this arrangement if we don’t give it a chance, right?”
He hesitated then nodded his head. Perfect. I continued, 
“What is the point in me locking up your little cock if we were only going to let it out as soon as you wanted? We’re going to shoot for a week like the website says and we’ll reassess then”
My tone was kind, but firm. I wasn’t allowing for any wiggle room and for the time being he accepted his fate. I told him to pour me a wine and hurry back to the couch. He quickly complied. When he came back, I was naked. He set my wine down beside me. I motioned for him to take a seat on the floor. I felt so liberated. I was in total control. And he was helpless. I felt unhibited. Brazenly, I raised my right foot to his face and simply pointed. He slowly leaned in towards my extended foot, and began kissing the bottoms of them, Soft little kisses. Normally acceptable, but not tonight. After all, thing were changing. They have changed. His meager little pecks were not enough. Not tonight and not anymore. His lazy kissing irritated me. It always had, but tonight it wasn’t going to fly. I hooked my other foot around his head and pulled his head forward, while roughly pushing my right foot into his face. 
“Lick my foot like you want to cum” I barked. 
Despite my size 7 sole pressed into his mouth, I saw the look of surprise on his face. 
“Stick out your tongue!”
I slowly dragged my foot down his face. From heel to toes. He began licking and kissing in earnest. This is the way it should be, I thought to myself. His tongue circled each toe before moving on to the next. I sipped my wine while he paid way over due homage to both my feet. 
Finally I pulled him towards my pussy. The activities of the night has me already wet as I guided him towards my cunt. I saw that his cock had swelled enough to fill the cage. That would be as hard as he would get. His oral game was on point tonight. Just like all the articles I read stated, he was performing better then ever. You see, when a man know he is not going to cum - when he knows sex is not for her pleasure, it is for yours, it takes the pressure off of him. He doesn’t have to worry about his cock or his orgasm. His efforts are focused only on pleasuring you. 
My first orgasm came quickly. I pulled him in tighter and grinded my pussy hard into his face as I had my most intense orgasm in recent history. As I slowed, I allowed him to pull his head back. His face was glistening in my juices. He was red faced and out of breath. He looked like beaten man. I looked down at his locked cock, dangling limp and helpless between his legs.I pushed him onto his back and lowered my ass onto his face. He may have thought one orgasm would be enough, but my desires were not yet satisfied. He resumed his efforts and within minutes I was nearing my second orgasm. Suddenly I was fucking his face with reckless abandon and tugging on the plastic that caged his little cock. M womanhood was smothering him. As he struggled to breathe, I realized his world, his breath, his life, everything he was, was buried underneath my pussy and ass. He was helpess to do anything but feel the power of my sex. 
“Take it honey - you little bitch!”
I exploded, then collapsed. He was still on his back panting. After a few minutes we sat up. I told him how good that was for me. His cock strained. I sat up and patted him on his wet cheek. 
“That was everything I expected honey and everything I wanted. Hopefully we’ll be able to take your chastity device off next weeked”
“Hopefully”, he exclaimed. 
“Not now honey - go do the dishes - NOW!” I snapped
He obeyed. This was only day one!
To be continued.

Friday, 2 September 2016

The basics..

I work very hard. When I get home, I expect the house to be spotless, my wine glass full, and my husband to be cooking dinner. It’s not unreasonable. You’ll see. In a decade, this will be the norm. 

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Feminized, mine, forver!

Being forced to shave his cock, lock it up, and wear panties effectively stripped him of his manhood and gave it to me. You’ve heard how a chastized man loses his male swagger and the macho behavior disappears. It’s true. My husband comes home from work every day and immediately starts on the list of chores I’ve left him. I no longer look at him as a man, but more of a maid or even servant. I’ll love him forever, but his manhood is gone to me. I relish that I had the power to do that and I wanted to take it further. I don’t want him to ever forget his role in our marriage. I wanted him feminized 

Now for us, it’s not practical to dress him up like a woman in heels and make up. He has a real job after all, but I did find other things I could do to further expose his feminine side and deepen his submission to me. I disposed of all his male hygiene products. Cologne, deodorant, even his Dove for men bar soap. I stocked our bathrooms with COCO MADEMOISELLE soap from Chanel - for Women. It smells delightful and softens his skin. His deodorant? Secret for Women “Powder Fresh” scent. You know what they say “Strong enough for a man but made for a woman” lol. And finally, instead of a masculine smelling cologne (that real men wear), he now applies a squirt of whatever perfume I’m  using. Currently Ralph Lauren Pony Pink. I love giving him an extra squirt on the neck when we have a Saturday night date night. 

Hubby adapted pretty well to the change with minimal griping. His biggest concern was what I did with the nearly new bottle of $80 Calvin Klein Euphoria that he just bought. I told him I hated to see it go to waste, but I couldn’t have him wearing such a manly scent anymore, so I gave it to a co-worker in the office “Rex”, who is known as the office stud and has a bulge in his pants to back that up. I could see hubby’s heart drop. 

“Don’t worry baby - I told him you were allergic to it. He was very appreciative”

Hubby’s reaction earned him an extra week without orgasm - And I now find myself making up reasons to walk by Rex’s desk and smell hubby’s old cologne. 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Why dont you tell them?

It is rather embarrassing and thrilling when someone notices or remarks on it.

Sophie's succes story

This was his first solid week locked in chastity and the results were amazing. Just like I’ve read. I’ve locked him up for short periods of time before, but this was our first trial period for extended lock up. We started on a Friday evening. The lock snapped shut at 8pm and the only key went around my neck, to be worn for the entire week. By Sunday night the effects began showing. Yes, there was some whining, begging, and general complaining. This was expected. When it got to be to much, I sternly told him to stop or we’d begin adding time. Those words did the the trick each time.
On Monday when he complained about the device pulling on his hairs, I removed it and trimmed most of his hair off, leaving only about ¼ inch. The device went back on right after the shaving. I loved the new “neater” look and thought to myself “this is how all small white cocks should look”. By Tuesday I began seeing a remarkable difference in his behavior and overall attitude. I came home from a long day at work and found all the household chores done. The vacuuming, the dishes, the dusting, almost everything.This was unheard of. It had only been 4 days and I was already loving the results. 
We spent the entire evening watching TV while he rubbed my feet. We ended the evening with him lapping my pussy for ½ hour and bringing me to multiple over the top orgasms. This was a turning point for me. If I had ever had any doubt that locking up his cock was the right decision, those doubts were gone. All the articles and stories I read were dead on. I was ecstatic and already began plotting how I would make this “trial period” a permanent arrangement. 
The rest of the week saw him submission deepen each and every day. On Wednesday he went to his underwear drawer and found all his boxers replaced with my own panties. With the confused look on his face I crept up behind him and reached around to cup his little locked cock in my hand, I whispered heavy in his ear:
“Honey, with your little cock neatly shaved and locked away, it looks so feminine, so I thought why not take the next step and keep you in panties for the rest of your trial period”
He hesitated only briefly before picking up beautiful green selection and stepping into them. My pussy immediately became moist. I don’t think I have ever been happier in our relationship. The road we were heading down was even better then I had fantasized. I turned him around and pulled out my phone to snap a picture. I wanted this moment saved for ever. He instinctively moved his hands in front of his crotch to cover his panty clad locked cock. In my new realm of female dominance I saw this as an act of disobedience that could not be tolerated. Without thinking I physically pushed him against the wall hard. The look on my face must have been pretty angry, because I recognized the fear in his eyes. I spoke firmly and deliberately:
“Listen to me you bitch! I own that cock and I own you. If you disrespect me like that again you’ll buy yourself another week in lock up. Is that clear?”
“Yes ma’am, I’m sorry” was his only reply.
I slapped his face hard. “Don’t forget who is charge here!”, i said as i fondled the key that hung from around my neck.  I took the pics I wanted. 
He meekly nodded in agreement. The lack of fight he put up was telling. HIs submission to my verbal and physical attack was feeding my already growing feelings of power and dominance. My emotions were running high and it felt like another milestone moment in our journey towards a Female Led Relationship was unfolding right before me. 
I was caught in the moment. Already dressed for the office I quickly removed my pants and threw him on the bed. The events that had led up to this had my pussy sopping wet. I mean I had just slapped him in the face and called him a bitch, and he did nothing. 
I mounted his face and began grinding out an orgasm. He didn’t resist. I don’t think he could have if he wanted to. My thighs were clamped around his head and my pussy was ravaging his face. 
“You understand you’re my bitch now don’t you?”
“Yeth” all I could hear from under my hungry pussy. 
I lifted up for only a second: “What are you to me”
“I’m your bitch” Came his immediate answer.
Perfect I though to myself. I finished and quickly for dressed again and headed off for work. 
On my drive in I thought about the scene. First the humiliation he must have felt when I announced that he would be wearing women’s underwear from now on. Then the humbling emotion when I physically pushed him into the wall and slapped his face, before forcibly queening him. Then finally the pictures of his locked, shaved, and pantied cock. I imagine he feared what would happen with those? Who would I show them too? 
At this point I knew that this is what I wanted. I wanted this trial period too become a permanent lifestlye. We would both be happier, it would improve our relationship and deepen our love for each other. Studies have shown this to be true and my own experiences reinforced this.
On Friday I spent most of the day at work reading more articles and guides on building a loving Female Led Relationship. Saturday morning, the time we had designated for his release, was coming up and I really didn’t want this to end. Why would I? 
  • I hadn’t had to do any housework all week. My bitch did it all
  • I got waited on hand and foot at night
  • Foot rubs and worshipping every night
  • And all the oral sex a girl could handle.
It was perfect. If I unlocked him Saturday morning, I feared all the progress we made this week would be in vain, and we’d be starting at square one again. I just couldn’t allow that to happen. But I had given my word at the beginning that this would be a trial period. Of course I could just “Change my mind”, but what if I could make it his idea to continue?
Friday night is here and and my perfectly behaved caged man is at my side. All the housework done, pretty panties covering his weak little white dick. I’m wearing my tightest pajama bottom and stroking his cage, over the panties, and asking if he’s excited about it being removed tomorrow? Of course he is. I’m whispering in his ear how much I’ve enjoyed this week and how I feel we’ve made tremendous strides. His cock is straining against the cage. I tell him he can take of the panties. His cock is not dripping precum. I reach down and wipe a drop of with my finger. I raise my finger to his mouth and he obediently sucks it dry. 
I tell him to get on his knees while I remove my pajama bottoms. Constantly reminding him that tomorrow is his big day. I lay back down on the couch, and much like the past week, ask him if he’d like to eat my pussy. Of course the answer is an exuberant “YES”. He begins to approach, but I stop him. “Maybe you should have to wait?”
I turned over and guide head to within inches of my ass. I let my cheeks brush his face and his lips. “How would you like to worship my ass instead?”. 
“I’d really rather eat your pussy”
“That’s not an option tonight” I kept my tone friendly but decisive.
“If that’s my only choice then of course I want to worship your ass”
I should point out that in 4 years together, he has never properly worshipped my ass. I think most women who are not in a Female Led Relationship are missing out on this very pleasurable experience. Another reason to chastize your man and make him your bitch. 
I brought his face to withing an inch of my ass before stoppng.
 “If that’s your only choice? No, you have a much tougher choice to make now bitch. How bad do you want to worship this ass in your face?”
I was stroking his cage. Precum was furiously leaking out. I knew what the answer would be. He was in a frenzied state and would do or say anything. 
“Please let me lick your ass”, he begged
Here was the moment of truth: 
“Okay, I will let you do that, but in return you have to agree to go one more week in chastity. The choice is yours. You can say no and we’ll stop the teasing tonight and let you cum tomorrow as planned”
During this whole discussion his face was an inch from my ass. I felt each breath against my exposed cheeks. 
“I’m sorry honey. I know this is a tough decision. I know how badly you want to lick my asshole, but you also have been waiting to come tomorrow. You can only have one, what will it be?”
No immediate response. After a few seconds I said “You’ve got 10 seconds to decide”
HIs breath hastened. I began counting down. I got to five then I felt it. His lips on my asshole. Oh my god! I’m overwhelmed! A week ago there would be no chance of him ever eating my ass. Now he’s giving up an orgasm to do it!
You know what this means honey?
He murmured a yes as his tongue began exploring my ass. 
“Oh baby, I’m very happy with the decision you’ve made. Look at how far we came, and now we have another week to go. I love you my bitch”
I was triumphant. He truly was my bitch and we were on our way to a fulltime FLR. I was true to my word. He didn’t get the privilege of eating my pussy that night, but all efforts were directing at pleasing my previously neglected ass. How humiliating. How degrading. How truly loving. I lost track of time as I fell into and out of bliss. 
A locked man truly will do anything. 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Cleaning time!

Ask yourself, when is the last time your husband or boyfriend has cleaned like this? Lock him up and I guarantee he’ll become the best maid you’ve ever had. Locking his small white cock and denying him orgasms is the quickest way to teach him his role

Monday, 29 August 2016

Getting Ready for a Date with Other Men

The set up before the date is half the fun!
  • That week tease eachother but don’t have sex 2 days before the date 
  •  Do let him lick you every evening but just before you cum make him stop
  • Go lingerie shopping ahead of time with your husband. Pick out what you want to 
    "So, what do you think?" She asked.
    wear and make him pay for it. Then remind him that he may be buying it, but another man will be getting the benefit. 
  • Have him trim your pussy to the prefect stripper trim 
  • Let him put nail polish on your toes 
  • Try on different outfits and looking in the mirror with hubby watching, ask him for his opinion but make sure to also text fotos to your lover for approval. Can't find the absolute perfect outfit? Go shopping for a new one with hubby! 
  • Let him sit and watch as you put on your makeup and lipstick with commentary about what your red lips will be doing to another man’s cock

Let hubby go down on you briefly before you dress, but just enough to give him a taste of what he’s giving away. Never let him make you cum and never let him masturbate. It’s all about waiting. You are waiting so he’s waiting.  
Don’t just wait before your date. Use it. Play with it. If you’re not playing with the wait, you’re missing out on half the fun!

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Thoughts from a Bull

"In my vision of the perfect cuckold couple dynamic, for me, there is variety. Sometimes the cuckold is there to serve us both sexually, sometimes he can only watch. Sometimes he can only listen from another room and sometimes he is not there at all. I see this as ideal for a number of reasons. Variety keeps things interesting and in my experience, uncertainty for the cuckold adds enormously to the sexual tension (or angst) he experiences. Overall, it makes him appreciate the treats or rewards he gets from his wife when he has been obedient enough to deserve them.
Also on a practical level, if (as a cuckold), you genuinely want a Bull to be interested in your wife for a sustained period of time you must learn the value of stepping back and allowing them to spend quality time together.
Speaking from a Bulls perspective, if you truly want to hold a Bulls attention; if regular meets are truly your desire, it is essential that conditions are in place to allow a bond to develop between your wife and her Bull. Nothing makes me lose interest in a couple quicker than an inaccessible wife. Yes, I always make a point of getting to know the cuckold: his fantasies, his desires, his jealousy’s and fears,…mainly to know which buttons to push, how far I can go, and to win his trust…however, for me there also has to be some kind of mechanism that allows me to get to know and hopefully bond with the wife. Private texting or phone chats is the bare minimum for me. An occasional night alone with her though, is what is really required to take this whole experience to the next level, for everybody involved.
It’s hardly news to anyone anymore that the secret to powerful, invigorating sex starts in the mind. Ideally, the whole hotwife experience starts out sensual, long before it gets sexual. Grant your wife the space, time and opportunity to have her mind trigger REAL desire for her Bull, and then, only then, are you guaranteed REAL cuckold-hotwife fireworks."

True story from Carol - The night that changed our life.

It was Saturday night and after a couple cocktails with dinner, Joe and I decided to hit a dance club for a few drinks after dinner. This is not uncommon for us on the weekends. We both have demanding jobs and always try to make the best of the weekends. This was a new club for us. More upscale then the norm and we both figured we’d find a spot at the bar and enjoy a night of libations and people watching, for an hour at most. 
We cozied up to the bar in the bustling nightclub and Joe set forth to get us a drink. The two attractive female bartenders were slammed. Each time one would approach Joe, he’d stretch out his arm and try to get her attention while holding a $20 bill. Each time, they breezed past. After a about 5 minutes, I was wondering if drinks were in our future. As Joe continued to reach over the bar, clutching his $20, a man approached the bar. He squeezed between the two of us and immediately captured the bartenders attention. She leaned over and got took his order almost instantly. My first instinct was anger. I looked to Joe and he saw the look of disgust on his face. Then I looked at the stranger. Oh my god! How could I be angry? Standing between Joe and I was a handsome black man. He was tall, well built, and appeared to be a perfect gentleman. As Joe continued to flail his arm at the bartender, the stranger leaned down and asked me if I was waiting to get a drink. When I replied in the affirmative, he once again got the bartenders attention and ordered me the Chardonnay that I had been craving. He even had the drink put on his tab! 
I was so struck by his confidence and swagger that I momentarily forgot that Joe was still trying to get his first round! I thanked the stranger and he politely said 
“You’re welcome. I know how hard it can be for a single woman to get a drink around here”. 
That’s when I remembered Joe. I giggled and motioned to Joe 
“I’m actually here with my husband”. 
The stranger glanced at Joe and then quickly turned his attention back to me. “You know, since I got you your drink, the least you could do is give me a dance”
“My god” I thought! I was taken aback by his confidence and momentarily hesitated in my response. Before I responded he said
“Don’t worry, I don’t bite. It’s just a dance. We’re all adults here, right?”
“Holy Fuck”, I thought to myself. It really wasn’t a question, but a statement. He leaned in and bit more and said
“My named is Reggie, just one dance?”
I don’t know, blame it on the warm up cocktails at home or chalk it up to Reggie’s staggering confidence and his unwavering eye contact, but I nodded my head yes, knowing full well that Joe would have a cow. Reggie smiled and led me out to the dance floor by the hand, as Joe stood at the bar, jaw dropping I’m sure. 
 It was to loud to have a conversation, but we could sure dance. And dance I did. The music was thumping, and I sipped what was my 3rd wine for the night, I found some pretty good rhythm for a 40 year old white girl! I got into the music, and that one song became two, then three - then I lost track. Reggie was all smiles, as was I. I glanced at the bar and saw that Joe had found himself a seat and a drink. Although he didn’t look real happy, his eyes were riveted to the dance floor and I found myself enjoying this situation. By this time any feeling of guilt I may have had quickly disappeared. Maybe it was the alcohol or maybe it was Reggie’s cool confidence and swagger. Either way, I allowed myself to be sucked into the moment. Reggie’s reassuring words “We’re all adults here, right?” rang through my head. Of course we’re adults and we were acting like it. 
After a few more songs, Reggie excused himself to the men’s room and I took the opportunity to visit Joe at the bar. The reception I got was cold. Joe was now into his 4th drink and was fuming at my “slutty behavior”. I guess Joe’s response shouldn’t have been unexpected, but I did find it quite immature and out of line. Although I was a little angry, the hotness of the situation was turning me on, and yes, maybe the alcohol was getting the better of me. 
“Joe, settle down. He’s a nice guy and it’s just dancing. You don’t like to dance anyway! We’re all adults here, right?” Joe was slow to respond. 
Joe must have detected something in my voice as he conceded to easily. 
“Yes, Carol, we’re all adults”
“Good, then don’t ruin a perfectly good evening baby, okay?”
He nodded and the look of submission on his face was unmistakeable. 
Right about then the bartender sauntered by, and I grabbed her attention. I ordered three shots of Fireball whiskey and told her to put it on Joe’s tab. It occurred to me that when we arrived at the bar, Joe was unable to properly order us cocktails. Reggie had to get them for us. And now I was doing the ordering as Joe seemed incapable of completing this simple task. First a handsome stranger had to do what Joe could not, and then his own wife had to take charge to get results. I smirked when the drinks were delivered posthaste and Joe’s expression indicated that he also caught the irony of the situation.
Joe reached for one of the shots and I quickly batted his arm down. I told him the third one was for Reggie and that since Reggie was polite enough to get my first round, we should be polite and wait for him to return and do the shot together. 
“But I thought you dancing with Reggie was thanks enough”
I replied “honey, don’t be like that. It’s just a shot…. After all, we’re all adults here, right?”
Joe leaned back in his chair, and I admit I felt a slight twinge of excitement at the subtle emasculation that was occurring here. 
About that time, I spied Reggie walking our way from the restroom area. I was finally able to see him from a distance and for the first time I noticed the sizeable bulge in his pants. I may have stared a bit to long, but my inhibitions were low. I blame it on the alcohol. Regrouping at the bar, I handed Reg one of the three shot glasses and he thanked me, as Joe stared on. I called for a toast to “New friends” and we all raised are glasses and took the shot. It wasn’t the most pleasant tasting shot, but I handled like a trooper with only a tiny wince. Reg was a bit more impressive, as he looked like he was simply drinking a shot of water. Then there was Joe. His shot glass was half full still as mine and Reg’s hit the bar simultaneously. I looked on as he took his second shot at the whiskey, finally getting it all down. I couldn’t help but playfully comment
“god baby, don’t be such a wimp”
Poor Joe. I immediately realized those words only added to his growing insecurity, but I quickly concluded that that wasn’t a bad thing. Reg chuckled as Joe chased his shot with a glass of water and leaned back again in his chair. That was when Reg leaned in and invited me back out to the dance floor. What took him so long! I turned to Joe and he said something to the effect of wasn’t I about ready to go home. And haven’t I done enough dancing for one night. Before I could reply, Reg was pulling me by the hand and I willingly followed him to the floor as I told Joe:
“just a couple more songs” , I yelled as I trotted away
Back out on the dance floor I was catching my second wind. Again, songs flew by and when I looked at my watch I realized we had been out there 45 minutes. Reg and I were both glistening in sweat, but neither of us was ready to leave the dance floor. I was feeling a little light headed, probably from all the alcohol, and stumbled briefly before Reg caught me in his arms. I rested my head on Reg’s powerful chest as we both continued to sway to the music. 
I was acutely aware of Reg’s hands now moving up and down my back. To my hips - then my shoulders. Soon my hands were doing the same, Out lining his wide frame. At one point Reg turned me around and we began grinding to the music. I spied Joe at the bar staring on, nursing a glass of ice water. I thought about what had transpired tonight. I felt like I was being swept off my feet, as my helpless husband looked on - unable to intervene or even protest the very open flirting that was going on between his normally conservative wife and a handsome strange black man. Again, maybe it was the alcohol, but seeing Joe in this predicament was exciting me. Just as our eyes met, I bent forward just bit and backed my ass hard into Reg’s crotch. Reg’s arm carefully circled my waste and held me closer to him. I felt his breath on the back of my neck as we grinded and dipped in small semi circles. 
“You’re killing me girl”

He said as his lips lingered millimeters from my neck. That’s when I felt a twitch on my ass. All I could think was “oh my god”. Reg was become aroused and from the feel of it, he was packing a monster in his pants. I realized my eyes were closed, ever so briefly, and when i reopened them I saw Joe, red face, looking very flustered and awkward looking on. The cute bartender was over his shoulder looking on. She also seemed delighted at Joe’s predicament and I swear she winked in my direction like “You go girl”. I reached back for Reg’s hand intending to lead him off the floor and back to the bar. Instead, my hand found something else. In just a couple seconds, I confirmed what my ass had felt. This man was hung! By purely non scientific means, I estimated his cock to be at 8″ at least - maybe nine. And girthy. What the fuck was happening here? My pussy moistened. I finally found Reg’s hand and led him from the dance floor......